I found myself getting off work late for many nights in November. By the time I got home, my routine’s usually a 9pm dinner, followed by TV-time for some catch-up news and entertainment, then off to bed. No room for Pick An Orchid. Also did a bit of work-related travel up north and down south during the month. At least I got out of town.

Sorry for the hiatus. Now back to more orchids!

If you’re ever considering one of those cattleya hybrids with a Brassavola influence, then take a good look at Brassocattleya Morning Glory. It’s half Brassavola nodosa and half Cattleya purpurata. Aptly named, this old hybrid carries white petaled flowers with pink streaked lips that resemble trumpets of morning glories. Pretty ain’t it?

Typical of many Brassocattleya hybrids, Bc Morning Glory has a tendency to produce multiple offshoots. That, of course, only means masses of flowers under the right hands and conditions, as these pictures show. As you can agree, it does make quite a splendid table display.

Oh – this is not my plant, in case you’re wondering. It doesn’t matter whose is it. What matters is a demonstration of what could be.

Wake up to Bc Morning Glory


Bring on the pink trumpets!