Arundina graminifolia, or the ‘bamboo orchid’ brings cheer to an otherwise wet new year.
It’s been 11 days into 2015. Time for another post, and my first one for the year.
Arundina graminifolia, or the ‘bamboo orchid’ is a large orchid with reedy stems that is commonly found on open areas along the hillsides of this region.  Sun-loving, it’s often found along forest roadsides or exposed areas such as the roads leading up to Cameron Highlands and Fraser’s Hill in this peninsula.

Arundina graminifolia – the larger, more common variety

My Arundina orchids are happily blooming now thanks to the seasonal monsoon which has brought night temperatures down to a comfortable 25°C. They can thrive easily under the hot, tropical lowland climate, although cooler climates initiate better flowering.
I grow my Arundina in pots filled with a mixture of gardening soil and burnt earth. As long as the drainage is good, they are not fussy and can tolerate almost any potting mix.
I have two varieties: the larger and more common form with pale, almost white petals against a magenta lip with a yellow throat, and the miniature, full magenta variety which I was told, comes from Vietnam.
The plants are reedy and kind of messy. One might mistake it for a weed when it’s not in bloom. The flowers last only a day or two, but new ones emerge in succession on the terminal racemes (‘spike’, stem, whatever you want to call it). So in a way, when they decide to flower, they are continuously in flower.


Arundina graminifolia – the miniature variety


This picture below has surfaced on many online vendors’ sites. For the record, this picture was taken by me and have been used by others without my permission.

Arundina graminifolia – miniature variety. This photo has been used by many on the internet without my permission


Arundina – ‘messy’ looking plant