It’s Christmas! I don’t have an X’mas tree but I have an Aeridovanda Supatra Delight.

This cross between Vanda Krailerk White and Aerides lawrenceae is simply gorgeous. It harks white Christmas with 15 well-spaced, full, white flowers with a hint of pink at the edges. A magenta lip adds a dash of colour to this irrepressible bright beauty. I LOVE this orchid.

Aeridovanda Supatra Delight is one of my larger vandaceous plants, being half Aerides lawrenceae. I grow this in a plastic orchid pot filled with loose bits of brick, charcoal and roots from a bird’s nest fern to accommodate its thick roots. It’s watered daily, except when it rains, and fertilised weekly.


Aerdv Supatra Delight. Anther cap has turned dark from all the rain lately.


Bright, white beauties with faint dashes of pink.